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Himalaya SUV is a new snow tire of Federal family for serious performance in winter weather condition. To differentiate itself from other winter tire market in Central Europe, Himalaya SUV is designed and dedicated especially to consumers in Eastern Europe, CIS(Commonwealth of Independence States), Canada and Northern States of America.
  1. Excellent fulfillment of severe snow service conditions.
  2. Unique compound promotes ultimate straight line stability.
  3. Premium construction design provides a superb wear resistance to the tire.
  4. Optimal pattern alignment reduces noise for a quiet ride.
  5. All-round steering capability delivers most efficient controlling on ice / snowy / mud / wet road conditions.
  6. Multiple pitch arrangement provides outstanding water dispersion in wet and slushy conditions, offering high level safety from skiddy road.
  7. Studdable design improves handling performance for extreme weather conditions on iced and snow covered road.