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Federal SS657 Confirmed OE Deal With BYD Auto & JMC Landwind In China

Federal Corporation is proud to announce the commencement of three OE fitments with the company’s top passenger car segment SS657 for two renowned automobile manufacturers BYD (aka Build Your Dreams) Auto, Ltd as well as JMC Landwind (Jiangling Motors Landwind Co, Ltd) in Mainland China. Already released into the global marketplace, consumers who drive on various successful model vehicles under BYD banner will equip Federal rubber as original equipment, joining marques includes F0 in size165/60R14 and F3 1.5L in size 195/60R15. Also fitted on luxurious sedan in size 175/65R14 is the s-drive – one of a strong flagship line-up introduced by Jiangling Motors Landwind.

The exceptional tire of all season, everyday use SS657 is specifically designed for low noise levels, confident driving and a comfortable ride. It provides superior handling and control with large grooves to improve water dispersion and prevents hydroplaning for today's leading touring coupes and sedans - which has ultimately led to BYD and JMC choosing Federal SS657. The agreement is a perfect platform to showcase the performance capabilities of SS657 product, and a perfect choice for modern and performance car owners. We want the tire to play an important role to ensure a combination of performance and safety when the car handles an unprecedented amount of power on the road.

Originally a high-tech private enterprise in Hong Kong, BYD has officially entered auto business in 2003. Moreover, the world famous investor and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary MidAmerican Warren Buffett has paid $230 million for a 10 percent stake in BYD at Detroit Auto Show last September.

Meanwhile, a series of application ranging from 13-16 inch available to Federal brand is currently in OE talks of several car models with four major autocar makers in China. Details will soon to be disclosed at later stage.