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Federal Improves Gas Mileage With Xtramile XR01

Federal Tire is introducing its low rolling resistance Xtramile XR01 for touring vehicle applications. The new XR01 is specifically designed for improved grip in a long-lasting tire by utilizing a unique blend of wear-resistant compound along with increased tread depth to offer prolonged tire life. The development of distinctive patterns minimizes perceived road noise and even comfortably copes with muddy or slippery surfaces while travelling.

Additional tread design features include:
* Four bold grooves which ensure stability and proper water evacuation capabilities
* Dual layers of polyester carcass ply and strengthened sidewalls provide a consistent footprint and excellent durability.
* Increased rubber-to-road contact that allows responsive maneuvers.

Built with reducing gas consumption in mind, the tire not only boasts an even wear through highly reinforcing tread rigidity, but also maintains an exceptional level of uniformity and cornering force during high speed handling. All of which make it well suited for long road trip - an added value of this product and a direct benefit to meet the consumer’s demand.

Federal Tire dealers will begin selling the most recent editions of 12 popular sizes, through 13- to 15-inch rim diameters from 70 down to 55 series. These offerings comprise H- to V-speed rated are available in the first quarter of 2009. More comprehensive range will be added to give a wide scope of rear and front wheel drive fitments shortly.