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Federal Ecovan ER01 Has Exceeded The Rival Brand In Tire Uniformity Measurement

Tires are a most critical part of your car, your only connection to the road. There are countless detail differences that affect how a tire performs. In fact, tires are much more sophisticated than they look. To best contribute to the performance of the tire, we decided to put through a computerized uniformity trial in favor of an examination of Federal Ecovan ER01. Our test is adopted the measurement in a side-by-side comparison against Bridgestone R600 as direct competitor with criteria including the parameters of Dynamic Balance (D/B), Static Balance (S/B), Radial Force Variation (RFV), Lateral Force Variation (LFV) as well as Conicity (CON). These properties are also critical and essential factors to optimize a high performance, high quality product during its manufacturability. Findings showed the Federal was far superior to the Bridgestone when it came to determining the conicity in size 185R14C. As for the size 15513C after an extensive testing; the Federal has surpassed the Bridgestone’s overall score by significant margins. The test results are extremely encouraging. It was clear to see that Federal Ecovan ER01 is extremely consistent and has proven its ability to be a well rounded, top performing light van tire.

A tire, like most parts of a car, is a compromise. Usually, balanced tires can spell the difference between a positive and negative driving experience. However, vibration is the most noticeable effect of imbalance which poses a safety hazard. Given a perfect tire running on a perfectly smooth pavement, the force exerted between the car and the tire must be constant. Federal Ecovan ER01 behaved as one would expect a competent all-season tire to perform, with good steering feel and front-to-rear cornering balance. The Ecovan had a "proper combination of precise feel and confidence.”

The result achieved by the Ecovan ER01 further supported Federal’s competitive benchmarking and advanced technology to be one of the most innovative performance tire suppliers in the market today. Not only displayed no weaknesses when delivered a very balanced demeanor with increased traction and stability under severe cornering; it is a tire specifically designed for commercial purposes, and makes tradeoffs in comfort, wear and noise characteristics. Among the Ecovan's distinctions are deep grooves and new tread design, which provide a wide plateau of grip for excellent braking on both dry and wet surfaces. Plus the added benefit of a continuous rib and inner carcass to offer a compliant ride and enhanced handling.