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2010 Feddi “Around The World” Journey Calendar Unveiling

Featuring a host of the incredible hot spots on the planet for 2010, the launch of full-color, full-page weekly calendar highlights the most visited attractions on a monthly basis. It has covered images and information from many of worldwide significant landmarks and architectural sites. Every place has something unique to offer that can make your holiday an experience of the lifetime.

What’s more, Feddi is ready to set off for his 2010 journey to circumnavigate the globe with different exotic national costumes. Being the official mascot for Federal Tires, his contagious smile and affability serve him well as Federal’s“Goodwill Tourism Ambassador” to venture into new horizons, guiding audiences to explore the world's most fascinating travel destinations in various views and landscapes. We’ve compiled a number of handpicked city icons across 12 countries alphabetically from places include Australia; Brazil; China; Egypt; France; Japan; Russia; Taiwan; Thailand; U.A.E; U.K and U.S.A.

In addition, the calendar months each has also accompanied different categories of Federal products, either contrast with the natural settings or merge into the changing sceneries.

The 2010 edition of promotional desk calendar represents the richness and diversity of world culture, heritage, and the history of places throughout the world. It will be allocated with its limited availability to Federal international distributors. Adorned by customers and fans alike, the 2010 Feddi calendar is neat and creative to take its readers, no matter their age on an exciting yet memorable journey while giving them a convenient way to organize their fully schedules wherever they might be.

Be it lounging on a desk, the calendar is not only a necessity to beautify the office environment; it is also a handy tool for busy business executives as a constant reminder to important meetings and appointments. More than a date planner , the handsome display of the calendar is sure to be appreciated and to be kept beyond the year 2010.