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Navigating its chiseled path, the powerhouse Federal Xplora R/T produces a herculean off-road experience with a delicate balance of roadside manners, offering rugged consumers the optimum balancing of vigorous durability off-road, diminished noise on-road, and incredible styling no matter where you adventure!
  1. Technologically advanced computer modeling for optimized tread pitch variation, perfectly placed tread sipes, and tread block alignment greatly reduce noise, providing a more civilized, comfortable, smooth, quiet ride. 
  2. Stone ejectors prevent stone retention causing premature wear and failure, ensuring long life of tire by preventing premature wear. 
  3. Enhanced fatigue resistant tread compound protects tire from chips/cuts/rocks/other debris, ensuring long life of tire by preventing early failure due to off-road use. 
  4. Open shoulder grooves keep tire self-cleaning, evacuating water/mud/dirt/off-road debris, and providing confident traction in any condition. 
  5. Linear center tread blocks enhance on-road straight line stability for excellent and more predictable handling with easy ride comfort.