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Tests have verified that the Himalaya WS2 demonstrated outstanding performance that far exceeded the requirements of the North American Rubber Manufacturer's SSS rating (Severe Snow Service). In addition, it bears the Alpine Symbol and M+S marking. The Himalaya WS2 is created to withstand extremely harsh winter weather conditions and will impress you with its excellent performance and stability on ice/snow/wet roads. For the first time, Himalaya WS2 will be avialable in two different versions; Studdable and studless. Please contact Federal's sales representative to find out the latest sizes available.
  1. Intersecting main grooves design provides the ice/snow grip and traction needed for the tire to travel on snow covered roads and improved noise performance.
  2. V-shaped groove design enhances the rigidity of the tread pattern to reduce uneven tread wear under heavy load.
  3. Multiple pitch arrangements tested through computer simulations to ensure precise steering and reduced noise while driving on ice/snow.
  4. Wide center rib offers excellent water drainage on wet surfaces.
  5. Zigzag blade increases contact area to snowy surface and enhances grip.
  6. Sizes are available in studdable and studdless version.