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Environmental Policy

With over 200 distributors around six continents, Federal Tires is a global business run in close ties with local expertise. Throughout the firm’s history, our core values have always been defined by a strong code of ethics, social responsibility, and protecting the environment with green globalization.

Since its establishment in 1954, Federal Corporation has adopted 3 business principles:

  1. High quality ensures safety
  2. The latest technology forms our brand identity
  3. Enthusiastic service satisfies clients

Besides just focusing on producing high quality products, Federal is committed to protecting the environment and takes corporate responsibilities to comply with environmental policies and minimize pollution.

Federal applies the following principles regarding environmental issues:

  1. Activities within the factory comply with environmental regulations and other related criteria.
  2. Placing emphasis on water conservation through reducing waste and recycling water.
  3. Continuously improving product quality, manufacturing technology and enhancing quality control in order to effectively minimize defective products to prevent pollution.
  4. Continuously improving and minimizing odor released by irregular rubber mixture and reducing dust to minimize airpollution and prevent complaints from nearby residents.
  5. Close monitoring of major construction works to prevent pollution and accidents at work site.

Continuously educating employees to execute environmental conservation practices and communicating with suppliers/contractors to comply with all applicable environmental rules and regulations.