MSA Homologates Federal Motorsports Tires

Federal motorsports tires have been homologated in the MSA 2016 Yearbook, which is also known as the “Bible” of British motorsports. Every year, the Motor Sports Association in United Kingdom will publish the Yearbook that consists of comprehensive regulations for the motorsports competition. It will ensure the ultimate fair and safety for the competitors; therefore, it is not only adopted in UK but widely adopted to global motorsports competitions.

5 Federal tires are successfully registered for MSA permitted tires which include Federal 595 in list 1A; 595RS-R and 595EVO in list 1B; FZ-201 in list 1C, and MS 351 A/T in list L4.

Accumulated from years of track experience, Federal Tires has built a lot of professional tires that helps career focused drivers through the ranks of sports.

“In addition to supplying outstanding products, Federal Tire expects to help more professional drivers achieve their top ranks of accolades.” said Da-Wu Chen, marketing and sales director of Federal Tire.