Amazing Skills of Drivers Beat the Rain at Federal Tyres King of Nations' Ebisu Round

Round 4 of the Federal Tyres King of Nations series returned to one of the most famous drift track in the world - Ebisu Circuit of Fukushima, Japan. Changing weather conditions and challenging racetrack severely tested all participants to push to their extreme. Ultimately, it was Emmanuel Amandio who took his first win of the 2016 season with near flawless performances

Known for its Ebisu weather, which local referred as the changing conditions regularly including all four seasons in just one day, along with the track featuring legendary blind jump followed by a solid concrete wall, which posed the harshest punishments for those who failed to navigate it correctly, the Ebisu round attracted drivers from France, USA, Kuwait, Brazil, and even Japan to prove their worth. All elite racers around the world not only competed against each other but endeavored to beat the race.

Refusing to let the Ebisu rain and track sunken their spirits, all drivers certainly put in their best performance of the season. Eventually, it was Emmanuel Amandio beating the weather and track with almost perfect performances. Local samurai Daigo Saito and Shinji Minowa took the second and third place respectfully.

"Returning to birthplace of drifting, Federal Tyres is proud to be part of the meaningful event while showcasing our best-of-breed tyres for street and racing performance against severe tests from Ebisu weather and racetrack,” said Da-Wu Chen, Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Tyres.