Double Points Double the Excitement at Federal Tyres King of Nations' Nikko Circuit

Set to conclude the Asian series, the 2016 Federal Tyres King of Nations just headed to Nikko Circuit for round 5. With double points along with the appearance of drift legend and head judge Keiichi Tsuchiya in this round, the competition was fiercer than ever.

Drivers once again flocked from around the world to attend the series, earning vital points while impressing Tsuchiya on his home turf in person. Among all racers, fabulous fours including Emmanuel Amandio, Daigo Saito, Rui Ando, and Michael Prosenik competed one another for the throne. In the end, elevating his performance to the next level, local favorite Saito nabbed the pole while Ando and Amandio taking the second and third place respectfully.

"Federal is proud to be associated with Keiichi Tsuchiya and drift events in Japan. As a more recognized tire brand in Japan, we will keep showcasing our UHP racing tires to both potential driving youngsters and experienced veterans via sponsorship and event participation," said Da-Wu Chen, Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Tire.

The next round of 2016 Federal Tyres King of Nations will return to Greinbach, Austria for an exhibition match on July 22 and 23. For the latest ranking, action-packed racing video, and latest photo galleries, please visit www.kingofnations.net or follow KOEDRIFT on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for unique updates on drivers, models, and events.