Rave Music and Tense Autocross Race Thrill Maltese Crowds at TML Gymkhana

The latest Gymkhana autocross event held by Team Maximum Lock (TML) on June 25 was a tremendous success at Malta. Local host/drift team TML sponsored by Federal Tyres not only hired DJs to entertain crowds but also performed some precision driving shows and stunts to pump up the adrenaline rush.

Breezy night greeted Maltese fans and teams alike as a total of 28 competitors joined TML Gymkhana and performed their fastest time possible. In addition to the adrenaline excitement from the dashing race, fancy skills, and jaw-dropping stunt moves, TML also hired DJs to play uplifting music to entertain the crowd of 800 people.

"With motorsport continues to gain traction from the growing fan base, Federal is proud to be part of TML Gymkhana events and sponsoring TML. We’ve had fun here and will keep showcasing our best-of-breed tyres for street and racing performance to even wider fans in Malta," said Da-Wu Chen, Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Tyres.

Next Gymkhana autocross event will be held soon in September at the Badger Raceway. For more information, please visit www.teammaximumlock.com or follow

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