Federal Tyres King of Europe's New Spanish Circuit Tests Racers' Skills

Drivers once again flocked from across Europe to attend Round 6 of the Federal Tyres King of Europe as the competition headed to brand new Circuit de Can Padro in Barcelona, Spain. The series drew thousands of local fans again despite scorching temperature hitting on the track.

First up was the Pro2 series, where Arnaud Emery continued his jaw-dropping performance from previous win at Swiss round, all the way to qualifications and official series, beating Hugo Goncalves and Marko Paasonen. As for the Queen of Europe Series, current Champion Danielle Murphy's costly mistakes handed the podium champion to local driver Alicia Rodriguez.

With incredibly intense battles and splendid drift skills from Pro2 and Queen of Europe racers, over a thousand fans came and watch the Pro Series. Adam Kerenyi’s severe engine problems rendered him unable to make the finish while current leader, Remmo Niezen just nabbed the third place after a few unfortunate mistakes. Ultimately, it was Andras Molnar beating all odds against Adam Frank with his first ever King of Europe win.

"We are proud to be part of the round at Barcelona, Spain and to showcase our best-of-breed tyres for street and racing performance to local fans,” said Da-Wu Chen, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Tyres.

The next round of 2016 Federal Tyres King of Europe will head to French alps. For the latest ranking, action-packed racing video, and latest photo galleries, please visit www.kingofnations.net or follow KOEDRIFT on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube for unique updates on drivers, models, and events.