2016 KOE Championship Chase Heated Up at Slovakia

Set to conclude the European series, the 2016 Federal Tyres King of Europe just headed to Slovakia for the final round. With double points in this round and a total of 6 potential Champions fighting for the throne, the race was fiercer than ever.

Over 70 drivers flocked to Slovakia from across Europe to fight for the double points and the Championship title. In the Pro2 series, early dramatic upsets include Swiss driver Arnaud Emery who had occupied fourth place in the rankings and Current Champion Pavlin Penev, who were both eliminated in the early Top 32 and 8.

Rookie Bartek Rosiak beat all the odds and won his first Pro2 win as Clemens Kauderer and Ene Sorin taking the second and third place respectfully. With the final result decided, Sebastian Matuszewski becomes the new Federal Tyres King of Europe Pro2 series Champion.

As for the Queen of Europe series, Karolina Pilarczyk continued her 100% winning record and claimed her 2016 Queen of Europe title with incredible performances throughout the whole year.

Much to everyone’s surprise during the Pro series, , series leader Remmo Niezen took an early exit in the Top 16 while another Championship contender Andras Molnar was knocked out in the Top 8. As the heated competition continued, Joe Hountondji’s fine form surpassing previous Champion Norbert Kovacik and landed him his second win of the season and fifth place overall. As the final results came in, it meant that Remmo Niezen’s incredible consistency throughout the year handed him the Championship crown, which also concluded the 2016 King of Europe season.

"Federal Tyres is very proud to participate all 2016 King of Europe events and will continue to sponsor such prestigious drifting events around the world for the fourth consecutive year. Thank King of Europe Limited once again for such a great year of excitement. We look forward to seeing more veteran and potential drivers showing superb skills and performance with our tyres while the ever increasing fans enjoy themselves and have more fun in the year to come,” said Da-Wu Chen, Global Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Tyres.