Federal Sponsored Ace Racer Won the Champ in Asia Pacific Drift Open

Federal Tyres sponsored drift phenom A-Wing Lo has once again knocked out with no mercy to win the crown out of 32 varying caliber contenders in front of packed queue at Shanghai Tianma Circuit China. The contest is international tournament accredited by Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China (FASC). With his last round for competitive outing during final two, A-Wing has overtook side by side only inches from the other and eventually resulted king of the clear battle. He has chosen Federal’s 595RS product as best competition tyre to be shod with.

It is also a great opportunity for Federal to demonstrate its unsurpassed performance capabilities of 595RS while A Wing immediately displayed his driving superiority by scoring the highest points after finishing first overall course. The breath taking and eye catching motorsport event was built with excitement around that people couldn’t help to notice our impressive level of 595RS tyre showed off on podium when the gold mentalist deserved his prize under sound and fury alike atmosphere.

The triumph witnessed the unique styling and key features of extensive 595 line-up. In addition, Federal Tyres has always involved of being sole tyre supplier and exclusive insightful sponsor to prominent tuner and drifter such as A-Wing Lo by delivering tenacious traction and high steering precision for performance cars and high powered super sports vehicles. With three criteria of compound, pattern and construction exclusively represented by Federal 595 competition series for blend generations of automobilists who derive great pleasure from viewing even participating into the game.

There is no doubt that Federal Tyres is leading the way in drifting as it has made a decisive contribution to success of the high performance compact car segment and will aim to increase its presence as a recognized brand boosting at considerable of activities at front of every racing track scene.