Federal Hosted Dai San with Great Hospitality in Taiwan

Daijiro Inada, an adored and perspicacious Japanese entrepreneur played multiple legendary characters as media tycoon and drift predecessor guiding several major careers including Option Magazine, Tokyo Auto Salon and D1 Grand Prix under one roof, has chosen Federal 595RS tyre well suited his beloved and gorgeous creation of Dee�塜 Club Stream Z GT Jr. Federal was pleased to have this opportunity learned from Dai-chan�塜 profession and philosophy dabbling in drifting to enhance mutual rewarding camaraderie during his early July visit.

Federal itself is determined to plant seeds globally by outreaching motorsport market sector with expansion of substantial appearance in circuit arena for a new lift of resplendence. Having exemplified our uncompromised commitment in active pursuit of innovation, the premium product of 595RS is designed to be practically adopted for most demanding drifter with most satisfying quality and response. With increasingly participation of providing a pertinent playing field for top notch racing talents and outstanding performers to the activity, Federal is yearning to improve perceived value of 595RS by unprecedented pinnacle of new breed 595RS-R heralded in the 4th quarter after a successful year in 2007. Since drifting fad is fostering from subculture affair up to a healthy and legitimized feast everywhere around whole universe for most recent days, Federal Tyres is looking forward to stepping into next phase of milestone with sharp and aggressive strategic transformation to drift upon the world stage.