Federal 595 Meister Cup: Federal’s Another Successful Breakthrough in Japan

KUMAMOTO PREFECTURE, Japan – the very first Federal 595 Meister Cup was held at the DEC SEKIA HILLS CIRCUIT on November 3 this year. Blessed with perfectly clear blue sky with lots of sunshine, the total of 42 anticipated participants gathered from all around Japan for the event.

Exciting enough, all the participants were required to exclusively use Federal SS595 tires, front and rear to participate and compete. It has never been challenged before to use the same type of tires for both front and rear in the Drifting competition history. As for the competition, it was categorized into two parts: Time Attack, and of course Drifting. It is also another breakthrough to set up these two categories in one competition. By combining all points from both categories, the champion was to be decided.

Aside from such unique rule and set up, the participation fee for the event was deducted to almost half the original fee to create an affordable race for broader individuals unlike other Federal Cups which had been held previously. Moreover the champion, Mr. Hirashima from Fukuoka prefecture was rewarded eight of SS595 tires and also the free entrance pass for all Federal Cups in 2008. The second and the third runners were rewarded Federal’s high performance tires as well.

For Federal, the main agenda for holding the Meister Cup was not only to put an emphasis on the competition itself but to also introduce and further expand the thrill of the Japanese Drifting scene. Federal dedicates a lot of efforts to all individuals, both professionals and amateurs who are passionate about Drifting. Because this first Federal 595 Meister Cup was such a great success to attract and gather even more Drifters in Japan, Federal is expecting to plan the next Federal 595 Meister Cup to follow up in 2008.