Make The Difference; Be The Change – Nathan Weissel From Australia Joins Forces With Federal Tyres

Federal Tyres has opened eyes to a new excitement by demonstrating the commitment to excellence with "an uncompromising passion" for motorsports segment that help to achieve another upbeat year. Once again, the extreme performance of the Corp’s 595 Competition Series has proved great resonance in action of 2008 Toyo Drift Australia Series at Symmons Plians Raceway in Tasmania brought by Federal sponsored potential drifter– Nathan Weissel. The positive result added even more evocative sports cars to the grid and showcased our continued development of sports car racing tyres has secured a confidence of podium win in the most spectacular way which the Taiwanese tyre supplier itself managed to carve several successful niches for itself in technology to compete against other brands and to appeal to certain demographics.

Nathan Weissel, winner of the 2007 NSW Drift Series, 8th overall in the National Drift Series and the best driver from the ranks along with several other competitions, has joined forces with Federal Tyres as his major sponsor of the battle. The accomplished racing veteran caught heavy attention by camera flashlights from start-up has stayed ahead of the game and left with a real bang ridding on Federal Tyres back-to-back with other contenders, which made his Federal-liveried vehicle R32 Nissan Skyline - assuming in a flamboyant racy shade between black, red and green quickly stood out from the crowd. There got to be a plenty scope of uncertainty and risk to take during the combat; however, a qualifying fourth and the tenth place for the first outing formed a very solid foundation that is believed to further maintain a prominent status to Weissel in the second round. Federal was honored to be chosen by the frontrunner like Nathan as if its nature habitat only pauses to one who aims his career to victory or nothing, together we are a force to be reckoned with.

Asked how he felt about Federal tires to have his drift car shod with for the challenge, Nathan jumped into conclusion without any second thought in mind: “I tried other brands but Federal Tyres are still my favorite. They give me the best level of grip and control and do not suffer with heat like other brands.” True it is!! The legacy of 595 Competition Series has never failed to survive at large number of racing circuits around the world according to almost every Federal support racers. And what’s more, they felt more like getting edgy and alive after wearing them. We can’t deny that none of any could have got off the starting grid, let alone win anything, without the right tires. It is also the key factor why Federal has always had a strong customer focus, and we have lived up to our promise by working hard to build a reputation for delivering a quality products and service at all levels, putting motorsports enthusiasts in a very strong position.

After a very convincing debut of Drift Australia Series, the next stage of which held on April 12th -13th is sure to be another thrilling event. Expect the unexpected, Federal Tyres and Nathan Weissel have ready to amaze you at Queensland Raceway. Why wait??