Federal Sponsored Drifter Forest Wang Took #1 At Federal Cup TopDrift Battle

Federal Tyres - already known as a global leading tire supplier, is making great strides in its efforts to collaborate with the U.S. team Just Drift for the 2008 season of Federal Cup TopDrift Battle. This cement between two parties to act as one has signaled our intention to strengthen the substantial existence in North America and to fulfill an integral part of Federal’s marketing strategy. The event was the first of its kind ever staged, and was the ideal precursor ahead of the first round from the Horse Thief Mile to Balcony due to a not perennially sunny day that favored the game. In order to hold the distinction of being title sponsor of the competition, both Federal and event organizer – Mr. Charlie Ongsingco were on hand giving presentation with exclusively Federal logo hospitality banner tents where the association will have benefits derived from the participation of nearly two digit numbers of players. Although it is the maiden year for Federal to play a host for Topdrift as a perfect platform to merge the excitement, we have received a resounding turnout of huge motorsports attendance figures and broad media exposure after all.

Drivers started rolling in at 7AM and track was ready by 8AM. To have as many people as possible to soak up the atmosphere and getting more involved of it, Federal brand not only has offered a intriguingly set of tires for each track winners. A mount of veteran racing enthusiasts, including some racers who attended the JustDrift Federal Clinic had all come to join us for fun. There are a lot of new names and faces on the board as well. Compete they did, with awesome result!! Everyone wants to win, but there’s only one champ. Forest Wang – Federal 2008 sponsored drifter, who is too the second seed from last year, is back to win the whole series. During the tandem battle, he has encountered several minor problems with his car though; it didn’t stop him from getting what he wanted. Main judge Hiro Sumida and Henry Schelley gave him the highest ranking amongst other top 8 qualifiers, edging the star on the rise into first place that sealed the racing success with Federal fitment in the end.

Forest Wang has commented after making a crowning achievement to drifting, adding: “There wasn’t anything about today’s race that was exciting and thrilling as ever!! I was so overwhelmed backing up in sponsorship by Taiwan tire manufacturer. Federal brand was something of an iconic product that helped me to take full advantage of its tangible prowess. Most of all, the shape of the tire and stiffer sidewall delivered a very different feel that even accomplished much faster for the run than they had initially envisaged.” A high visibility and high impact has consolidated our position as a truly international tire major where the image became a highly regarded enhancement both in name and reality, and we are proud to continue our partnership with JustDrift that make up the bulk of the series more successful at the tuner market by expanding recognition in synonym with its prestige for safety and performance.