Surprising Yet An Exhilarating Turn Out: The First Federal Cup in Extremely Wet Condition!

KUMAMOTO PREFECTURE, Japan - The first round of Federal Cup kicked off once again this year on the 9th of March at the DEC SEKIA HILLS CIRCUIT. Despite the unexpected stormy weather, all 80 participants gave their best shot under such challenged condition. It has been three years ever since the very first Federal Cup was being held. The popularity of the event is incessantly growing that we even had to regretfully dismiss 35 applicants this time.

Majority of the participants are highly skilled Drifters gathered from all over Japan who are no doubt passionate about nothing but Drifting. Many were returnees who had been ceaselessly polishing their skills just to return to shine in this event. Unlike the Federal 595 Meister Cup, it is not mandatory for racers to exclusively use Federal tires to participate; however, about 70% of participants were spotted with Federal tires in the race.

Under hard pouring rain and gusting wind, Mr. Shigenobu Koga from Fukuoka prefecture won this time’s Federal Cup championship. He smoothly handled his hot red Nissan Silvia S13 with Federal SS595 for rear. It is no surprise Mr. Koga aced the race this time for he already had won the first place for the category of Time Attack at Federal’s 595 Meister Cup last year.

Once again Federal has prepared gorgeous prizes for the top-notch racers. These exciting prizes include 4 sets of our very own Federal SS595, a windbreaker, a hooded sweatshirt, and a suspender coverall for the champion Mr. Koga. Each 2nd and the 3rd runner was also given 2 sets of SS595, a hooded sweatshirt and a suspender coverall.

Federal continuously strives to support events that would benefit Drifters to excel. Not only does Federal devote to motivate these individuals but also to set more challenging and higher standard by exposing such thrilling Drifting scene to the mainstream. Also Federal is truly fortunate to have skilled racers such as Mr. Koga and among others to unconditionally support Federal tires. The second round of Federal Cup is expected to be held on June 8th.