Federal Tire Shodder - Henry Schelley Aims For Formula Drift Titleholder

Commenced in April 2008 of Formula Drift at Long Beach, CA. USA, Federal sponsored driver Henry Schelley and his team posted some excellent results in closely fought competitions. The success followed a strong showing that marked Henry to grab 18th out of the 32cars after 2 qualifying laps while 2 competing vehicles were lose out due to mechanical failures, enabling Schelley to run in the main event. Engaging with Henry and his crew during high-class sport activities is proved a 'win-win' situation for both tire sponsor and drifter himself. The aim of which is to create synergies derived from the technology of Taiwan tire maker and applied it to “furious” car chases world, not to mention the pinnacle of motorsports event like Formula Drift. A pleasing result for Henry to clinch a claim of respectful 22nd place, plus scoring 85 points amongst an elevation of 60+ automobiles on the weekend has added a substantial value as a versatile platform to increase recognition of the Federal brand in the states and even strengthen the position into the international scene.

A hardcore base of racing buffs always ensures a market for a tire manufacturer’s high performance products, with factors in evidence - Saturday’s tickets for the very first contest was complete sold out and the stands were so packed which has drawn a large numbers of motorsports fanatics in attendance despite hot and scorching weather. The Long beach Grand Prix Street Course was highlighted – again – by overwhelming presence of entries, most of whom featured their exaggerate modification competence. Quickly the car was put on the track to get as much practice as possible. Enacted by Federal 595 Competition Series legacy combining extreme handling and control of the play was Mazda Rx-7, under adroit manipulation by Schelley who dominated the picture and captivate the most distinct first impression to judges and viewers than any other marques did whilst maintain a certain level of persistence in order to stay in the game.

After competed on Federal Tires and led a good command along the way, Henry hereby gave his special thanks to Federal Tires that made him a force to be recently reckoned as one of the most talent and intelligent rider in the field: “A tire plays a critical and crucial vehicle safety component since it is the only part of a vehicle in contact with the road. I personally have recorded multiple podiums on Federal tires for past few years, and I dare this time is certainly no exception. Federal has poured lots of significant effort into my work to cater to the demand and biodiversity here that vaulting my overall execution to a whole new level and every one of us were riveted by the effects pushed up to invigorating ultra high performance driving. The tires seamlessly integrated with Mazda Rx-7 and simultaneously reported a sensitive road feedback which delivered the correct guidance in a split second so to make the track easy to navigate.”

Currently, the team is working on the car to further improve its performance and endurance in attempt to squeeze best possible techniques in front of their fans and audiences for the second round battle anticipated on May 9 - 10. We look forward to seeing them coming up with full confidence to make each footprint work well in Atlanta, Georgia soon.