Commenced in April 2008 of Formula Drift at Long Beach, CA. USA, Federal sponsored driver Henry Schelley and his team posted some excellent results in closely fought competitions. The success followed a strong showing that marked Henry to grab 18th out of

When Nathan Weissel and his team arrived at Eastern Creek Raceway for Round 4 of the Drift Australia series their confidence was high, after rebuilding and refreshing his Federal Tyres Nissan Skyline the chances of a strong result were good.

Saturday practice went well and with the car feeling strong Nathan put on a show for the Sydney crowd with huge entry speeds and heaps of smoke from his Federal 595RS tyres. During Saturday qualifying Nathan managed to place 9th after two impressive qualifying passes.

After heading out for his final qualifying lap on Sunday Nathan felt a lack of power from his engine and returned to the pits. Upon inspection the turbo charger was found to have a collapsed bearing and would have to be replaced, the call was put through to GCG turbos who were unable to supply an immediate replacement due to overseas commitments. More hasty calls were made and a replacement was found, the new turbo was fitted but Nathan’s time limit had expired and he was unable to make it to the start line for his first battle, “It’s really unusual for this kind of turbo to have a collapsed bearing” explained Nathan.

Nathan’s team worked fast on the Federal Tyres Skyline to have it ready to run again in the afternoon and went on to compete in the Team Drift category with fellow Federal Tyres sponsored drivers Trent Whyte and Eugene Arendsen.

Their high speed corner entries and extremely close, controlled techniques sealing a spectacular win. “The Federal 595RS tyres gave all of us the grip and control needed for big entry speeds and really close drifting, I think that’s why we took the win” announced Nathan.

“Even though we had some ups and downs, Federal Tyres had a great weekend with Trent, Eugene and me winning the team drift comp in the end”.

Nathan is focusing on big finish to the series at the final round at his home track Oran Park on September 20th and 21st.

Nathan would like give special thanks to his 2008 sponsorship partners:

Federal Tyres – www.federaltyres.com.au

ACL Race Series - www.aclperformance.com.au

Stamford Wheels - www.stamfordwheels.com

GCG Turbos – www.gcg.com.au

Motul Oils - www.motul.com.au

Wolf Engine Management - www.wolfems.com.au

Clutch Industries – www.ciperformance.com.au

And Speedshots Photography – www.speedshots.com.au