Federal’s 595RS-R tyre takes Driftworks to the top

Drifting has seen a rapid growth in popularity in recent years in the UK, where the second round of the 2008 European Drifting Championship attracted thousands of fans at Knockhill Circuit, Scotland.

The racing action was of the highest standards all weekend, which really set the mood for a fantastic event.

These motoring events help to bring Federal closer to the growing enthusiast market for high performance tyres. We saw the British Team Driftworks driver - Ben Broke-Smith proudly tackle new challenges and

achieve new heights as the highest points scorer in the championship, which is setting new benchmarks for Federal Tyres.

There was great participation all around, not only in spectator attendance, but with competitors as well. We mustn’t forget to mention the spectacular vehicles in the UK with a much larger pool of race teams; the excitement and anticipation for the shootout far out weighed any battle held ever before, bringing out all manner of car enthusiasts for the spectacular competition.

Among the field of tuner vehicles Ben Broke-Smiths Driftworks Toyota Chaser stands alone as a totally unique competition vehicle with it’s massive four door chassis, and over 550bhp. It really is incredible to see such a large car dominating the track like it does

Knockhill circuit in Scotland, famous for it’s rollercoaster section of track, is one of the highest speed entries in the year. 170kph into the first corner with a totally blind apex, then dropping down into a quick

transition for the left hander, then a short technical right hander in front of the judges.

The practice session gave all the drivers a chance to get re-acquainted with course conditions and get a feel for their cars. The tension levels increased as the professional drifters became more familiar with the course. Each run inspired more confidence in their machinery, creating some spectacularly flawless runs.

The top 16 showdown was awesome from start to finish;; some ups, some downs, some thrills, some spills, but packed with fun all the way. The precise balance of power, braking and steering really had the crowd on their tip toes.

In each battle he went into, the Team Driftworks Federal Tyres driver Ben gave total and utter commitment, entering the first corner at some of the highest speeds on the day, and executing a smooth initiation allowing him to power over the crest of the hill up behind his competitors, with an enormous trail of Federal Tyre smoke from his rear wheels.

Team Driftworks Federal Tyres had kicked off an amazing start to the season, and with their current position of first place in the championship have surely set the tone for the final part of the 2008 season.

Asked how Team Driftworks adapted their car set-up to the Federal 595RSR tyre team manager Phil Morrison answered: “The Federal 595RS-R is a competitive high performance tyre, giving amazing stability

and traction, whilst maintaining a very progressive balance between grip and drift. We have tested many other tyres in our many years of drifting, and can confidently say that no other tyre that comes close to it.

We can’t express enough gratitude for Federals dedication in pursuit of manufacturing the best-combined track and drift tyre! It obviously comes from a genuine passion for performance tyre technology. We are very proud to support, and have the support of Federal Tyres, as the 595RS-R makes its stamp on the world.”

The Federal 595RS-R is fast becoming known as the best drifting tyre in Europe with a lot of interests in the UK. Driftworks has played a big part in the development, having fitted Federals RS-R since mid 2006. It is the tyre that led Team Driftworks owner Phil Morrison to his 1st place win in the momentous 2006 D1GB championship.