Taiwan Tire Maker Reviewed Successful 2008 Federal Meister Cup In Japan

Entering the second straight year in Japan, the 2008 Federal Meister Cup has concluded its latter stage series outing to decide the championship at DEC Sekia Hills – one of the most popular circuits that has plenty to offer in Southern part of Japan in Kumamoto, Kyushu on October 19th. In the high speed competition, we saw a total of 50 entrants tackled the track and vying for glory – all have their vehicles running on the same footing of Federal 595 high performance tires – front and rear during the race weekend.

The Ultimate showdown went on brutally while Shigenobu Koga, the local Fukuoka veteran has set the fastest lap and scrambled for traction on the way to victory by leading a series of marvellous maneuvers in his very showy monster Nissan Silvia 13. He finished the trail with a thundering 51.734 seconds pass and received the more favorable votes to take the top podium. Newcomer Ueo Katsuhiro has made his debut to compete on a level with the biggest names in the fields.With repetitive result yielded in 2007, Atsushi Goto’s Silvia 14 was unstoppable that drove him to mark a third position win. Three trophy receivers were being awarded honorable prizes with tire and courtesy of other promotional items handed out by CEO of Federal Corporate Jamie Ma to commemorate the achievement in the closing ceremony.