Phil Morrison Plus Driftworks Federal Tyres Unbeatable In Prodrift And JDM Allstars Final

A British drifter using Federal Tyre is once again obtaining a good result since the company has building on the success of rapid internationalization. We’d like to extend congratulations to Phil Morrison and Driftworks Federal Tyres for adding another first place to his resume in both Prodrift and JDM Allstarts Final. The competition series had to be consolidated their events onto one day and undertaken its final round to Lydden Hill Speedway, providing plenty of close-range actions for the fans where a record number of cars showed up to take in the spectacle of the shootout.

Phil gave his comment while secured the overall lead and posted the top finisher from across field of competitors, stating:” Federal 595 RS-R track-proven tyre is especially developed with drifting in mind and creates an excellent driving pleasure. It really made a huge difference that delivered sturdy, solid grip and further demonstrated consistent tread wear despite the harsh track conditions. I am happy to be affiliated with Federal Tyres. The brand has a great potential and determination to claim the world’s leading supplier in producing motor racing tyres which not only incorporated perfectly into the design but is literally in harmony with the road.”