You Are What You Race: Akemi Okazaki Steers Her Own Course To Win With Federal Tires

The 5th Shegehara Queen Championship took place in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on May 6th, has been through various phases during which various challenges and constraints have been faced and overcome, hence yield a fierce fender-to-fender drift action to the next level of excitement. Designated the particular enjoyment only for female attendees, the race was suffice to say not to be missed with promise that to give fans the best possible spectator experience better than male oriented event.

Okazaki brought lavish praise for 595RS-R and told the press and its interviewer in a statement:” I would like to thank each and every one in Federal Tire for many years of their distinctly support and innovation. It had offered an ample supply of rubber during my practice and contention.” She continued:” I was dragged into Federal product by the technologically enhanced nature of the ultimate in stiff handling that has took me to the extremes.

Another podium hurrah we had heard was from Akihiro Kawabata in Fuji circuit. He has clinched the first place out of 47 enrollments with Federal 595 RS-R UHP wearing both front and rear of his 108SX tuning machine in fitment of 235/40R17 and 255/40R17at Drift Tengoku’s Drifting Championship held especially for nationwide Japanese mechanics.