Federal Japan: A Huge Success In Student Championship

Burning tires; academics and one intense car racing rivalry – Federal Student Champion held all its promises with one of the college student’s most sought after activities in Japan to display their fabulous drift talents for the contest. The contenders in the race were given a short but demanding day, that was certainly enough to provide for an unexpected turn of events. Kick-starting the 2008 season, the championship was opened for the 18-to-23 age bracket by two geographical groups – East and West divisions, and took place on separate days to different tracks namely Nikko Circuit and Meihan Speedway that hosted the sporting event. The showdown presented by Federal Japan more than lived up to expectations and a weeklong buildup. There were some really good acts up there with altogether 300 drifter-wannabes from various disciplines but the same country fought out over the circuit, competing side by side in a series of heats, knockouts, semi-finals and a final to determine the champion.

The phenomenon continued until finalist entries, Tokyo homegrown player Tetsuo Fukushima and Mitsuyoshi Nishio from Mie prefecture were announced as winners of their region respectively. All of whom had a big heart and jumped out to an early lead to prove technological superiority and distinguished performances on the national level. Nishio’s keen observation of how his actions govern a car’s responses had helped him took over the most coveted position in Western Japan division went on: “This is my sophomore season of participation, and I’ve always felt the emotion of the event because some of the greatest friends I've ever had have been the people I played with and against on the field."

Other contestants ranked atop of the leaderboard are Daiki Asanuma, who took over the second in the standings and Shintarou Kawamura claimed the third. These are guys who are sacrificing a lot to play here, and Federal donated 30 pieces of tires onsite in reward to recognize their hard work as young and professional stars of tomorrow. Federal Japan was amazed at the enrollment we had last year. We will not only continue our sponsorship of student championship in 2009 but also will enhance this effort to each and every coming year.