Federal 595RS-R the tire of choice for Superlap 2009 Clubsprint Class Champion

With the quality and size of Superlap 2009 is the ultimate time attack growing to level more recently in Australia; Federal has added the race to the list of events in its calendar this year. The time trial based contest kick-started the action straightforward at Oran Park GP Circuit on Sunday 29th March is renowned for its fast and close style. It has brought out the top tuners across the country to compete against the clock on Sydney's favorite motor racing venue. There, we saw field of purpose-built and highly tuned street-legal vehicles went on track, achieving for the fastest single lap time. Fierce competition in Clubsprint has provided plenty of non-stop excitement, making the Superlap a perfect spectators’ event. Experienced motorsports competitor, Jeremiah Thomas steered his machine to the podium finish with a set of 235/45/17 Federal 595RS-R racing tires to claim the championship title of Clubsprint class this season, recording lap times a whole 1.3 seconds quicker than his nearest rival. Meantime, he also took home another top honors for the day’s Fastest 4WD and Fastest 4 Cylinder.

The achievement was very impressive and it was Jeremiah’s day literally and figuratively as the class victor. He gone off quickly in the opening phase of the race and managed to convincingly outpace the rest of the field with the fastest 1:18.76, walking away the trophy. “We just continued to circulate all day, stayed out of trouble, it was a very busy but an eventful outing and I was pleased to get up here to the first place. The most encouraging thing is that even with all the abuse, Federal 595RS-R is not chunking a bit. By comparison to other street tires, it is exceptional.” recalled the Aussie ace.

This has been an awesome weekend for Federal 595RS-R. We are delighted to see more people get to know about our tire that has delivered podiums with such a successful result to the season. Jeremiah will next take the 595RS-R into battle at National Super Sprints. Keep your eyes open for that name for sure and wish the fastest just got faster!