Federal 595 RS-R Achieved “Sensational” Results in Tire Test From Magazine of Japan

Tires are the final determinant of how your car goes, stops, and turns--or doesn't.

The latest kudos came from Rev Speed, one of Japan’s long-standing consumer media, which named Federal 595 RS-R “a high-performance offering features a sporty personality, with a genuine bargain of attractively and affordable price.”

A team of evaluators spent a full track day behind the wheel were treated a taste of tire test at Nikko Circuit. To quantify, equalize and determine its real worth of a tire, five of the more recent releases in the ultra-high performance category from various makers were tested on a well prepared Impreza GRB, equipped with new; full tread depth tires in size 235/40R18. Publication has conducted a comprehensive evaluation by undergoing a series of time attack and drifting which encompassed all 5 hot laps each to monitor and analyze steering characteristics of every tire as a measure of overall balance.

By the end of the test, the 595 RS-R competition tire was recognized to offer quicker response and higher levels of grip, as well as more consistency lap after lap. According to the magazine in the May 2009 edition, 595RS-R performed particularly well in all factors that drive overall satisfaction. Two test drivers Mr. Takashi Oi and Mitsuhiro Kinoshita were both enthusiastic about the Federal’s performance, they gave a comment on the independent commendation stated:” There is always a phenomenal amount of traction on the tread for Federal 595 RS-R, its steering performance remained responsive when initially turning off center as the vehicle accelerated around some of the tighter corners on the test track. ” In addition, they also advises drivers who shod Federal tire to differ tire pressure based on how, what and where you drive for a smooth ride.

All summed up, 595RS-R is a new upgraded all round tire with superb track that really endures in high powered driving. It is designed to get the maximum out of your machine. And therein lies, the tire major believes, a class leader that truly differentiate our product from other existing options available in the market.