Lights! Camera! Action! Federal Backing A Full Team Force In UK Drifting

Morrison, Ben-Broke Smith - better known as Bon-bon, Dan Chapman and Richard Clarke, all of whom are experienced professionals to highlight Team Driftworks driver line-up for 2009 as they competing across the country’s three premier drifting series - European Drift Championship, Prodrift Super Series as well as JDM Allstars.

Phil Morrison in the Driftworks Federal Tyre S15 Silvia is known to be one of the quickest in the field. He showed his championship form against other top competitors by racing the second place on the podium in the fourth race at Brands Hatch. During the penultimate round at Santapod, Phil took his second win of the season after winning the first round at Oulton Park. His victory also earned him the second overall series title of Need For Speed EDC competition.

Dan Champman, the winner of JDM Allstars Wembley 2009, sporting 547 horsepower in his newly rebuilt and individually painted S13 Silvia went to lead the run in a highly technical, hugely enjoyable and challenging street course; while superstar Bonbon at the wheel doing some mighty steering and diff breaking to seize his career championship with a third-place finish at the close of the Prodrift Super Series.

In post-race remarks, team owner and veteran racer Phil and his teammates praised the performance of Federal 595 RS-R competition tires, saying, “The Driftworks Silvia performed flawlessly at each purpose built track. It overshadowed everything else in the field, giving predictable and confidence inspiring handling even over the biggest of bumps, and keeping the wheels firmly where they should be - on the ground. Asked what he thought of the RS-R tire, he gave his comment following an honorable mention: “We have received a lot of support from Federal. These tires had been able to take the pressures we were putting on them. They are consistently fast, allowing me to control a car at high speeds during this high-skill, high-powered series, with varying track conditions.”

What a great way to end a spectacular season, we congratulate to the death-defying racers of the Driftworks for their remarkable wins and look forward to more exciting action in 2010.