Federal Celebrates 2009 D1Street Legal Season Success

Flying the Federal and D-Max colors, Naoki Nakamura did what he always seems to do best: win. He showed his championship form by capturing the overall series of D1 Street Legal championship - one of the well-known and well-attended events in Japan against a grid of top drifting talents across the country in the final standings.

A short but intense rain storm taken place in the second stage at Ebisu circuit meant a small error was enough to draw a dramatic spin between success and failure. Followed by a string of flowing curves, the track still held some dampness, adding an extra element of difficulty too. For those first-time drivers, this additional slip factor was proving a real challenge as they were struggling to get to grips with the first corner in the early practice session. However, experienced competitor like Nakamura in Nissan S15 behind the wheel of the Team D-Max was never boring - putting 580hp through the super tractive Federal 595 RS-R in size 235/40R17 front and 265/35R18 rear with all those pistons and a huge turbo thrown into the mix, his lead to the first corner was a symphony of power. The run has netted Naoki the win at top of the championship table, whilst the judges giving the advantage to him for his fabulous techniques all the way through the course.

In the fourth race of battle, Naoki looked determined at Nihonkai Maze Circuit, where his highly tuned S15 getting great angles and speed through every corner, moving him to the first place in the competition. Asked his opinion about tires, jubilant Naoki felt he’d proven a point with his performance said: “Although we drifted a lot less composed at very beginning of this year, it was in a way another boost of motivation that kept me moving forward. Subsequently, we're extremely proud of what we've accomplished. The competition was fierce, and I enjoyed the different challenge each of my competitors gave me. Federal 595RS-R street legal competition tire has done a beautiful job both in terms of speed and consistency. I ran almost as fast at the end of the run as I did at the start. The tires are lasting and performing much longer than I expected. The winning doesn’t come without the support of Federal who delivered very quickly and high quality tires for my car. ”

Driver Naoki Nakamura dominated like he did all season - what a great way to end a spectacular year. The success for Nakamura and Team D-Max is an incredible feat that the Federal Tyres is proud to be a part of. This was a fortuitous victory but he isn’t sitting on his laurels - he’s going for more. We look forward to an even better 2010 and a great outlook for 2010 season starting the beginning of April 17th at Bihoku Highland Circuit, Okayama. Keep your eyes on this go-getter!!