Federal’s FZ-201 Appointed Tyre Sponsor of Malaysian Super Series & Sepang S1K

Federal Tyres is proud to announce the supplier as the official tyre for touring car class of the Malaysian Super Series Championship (simply referred as MSS) and the Sepang 1000km endurance (S1K) race in 2010, marking the first ever season that Federal has sponsored the two Malaysian homegrown international series.

The History of MSS (Malaysian Super Series Championship)

The hottest high-performance competition in the country was introduced for Malaysian driving enthusiasts as a platform to unearth new talents. Over the years of running, the Malaysian Super Series Championship has developed as a truly credible sporting event aiming for bringing out as many professional world-class racers as possible. Meanwhile, as an international standard race circuit in Malaysia, the venue had played the host for major motorsports events in the world such as Formula 1 Grand Prix and Motorcycle Grand Prix. Noted for its sweeping corners, wide line drive and one very tight hairpin, the unusual layout featuring 15 turns and 8 straights of the ultra-modern track offers a real challenge for the world's best drivers. To race in the world renowned Sepang International Circuit (SIC) is something special with a whole different atmosphere and attitude.

We are more than excited that the tyre was recognized by one of the fastest growing motorsports series. The partnership with MMS adds an entirely new dimension to our marketing strategy to promote the Federal brand. It provides not only a good chance to support the ongoing launch of Federal’s new FZ - 201 semi-slick tyre line, but also showcase the performance and durability of the tyre within the punishing environment of motorsports.

The six-round series kicks off on May 29th – 30th, with race days continuing on June 26th -27th and will follow all the way through July, August, September, and to the end of November.

About Sepang 1000km (S1K)

A spinoff from the successful MME race (Millennium Merdeka Endurance) in South East Asia, and already is a home to some of the world’s most prestigious racing events, the Sepang 1000km is set to be another pride of Sepang International Circuit. The 12-hour endurance race promises maximum thrill contested in Class 1 (for cars between 1601cc to 1900cc) Class 2 (for cars below 1600cc) and is a high-energy entertainment to the crowds. With the flagging off of the inaugural S1K race, entrants are ready going into frenzy with the annual championship between June3 th – 5th. The winners will be decided based on the total number of laps among those who completed the 1000km race.