Federal Named as Partner Sponsor of D1 Street Legal Drifting Series

Federal Tires is represented as an as sole tire sponsor to the 2010 D1 Street Legal Drifting Series, the platform from which drivers are in drift actions to progress into the D1 Grand Prix International Championship. Although the series is geared towards novice drifters, the level of professionalism was raised as it attracts recognized D1GP celebrities and former regulars to make the top-chosen sport and all-star race like no other. With a full capacity grid entered the event, all of the carnage, with hardcore street machines in Japan show the competition is the right one for anyone’s pleasure.

2010 D1SL Info.

Fourteen races that encompass four categories which include East, West, Inter Series, and with the Ladies Series given first of its kind in 2010 season is going to take place at nine circuits across Japan, following a championship event in a special drifting track on the Tsukuba Circuit. Being a national street legal series, there are tighter restrictions on how a car can be modified, which means every car has to prove its road-worthiness by retaining the engine that it was originally supplied with. Also, a competitor wishing to be a part of the race event is required to obtain the D1SL license. The entertaining and thrilling sport brought by D1SL was introduced to bridge together various series in a ladder system, while grow awareness in search for the next stars of the sport.

Road to D1SL

On race day, the top field of 32 drivers paired up based on seeding position will be weeded down to one final winner. During a tsuiso match (referred to as a twin-run) which involves two cars drifting side by side simultaneously, will see one car follows another through the course, attempting to keep up with the car in front. It does not matter if anyone is able to stay on the correct line; it matters who has the most exciting drift as big power smoke machines always seem to grab the limelight! However, a spin, under-steer, or collision, may result in a disqualification for the offending party in the ultimate high-speed showdown. As a D1SL license has a life span of twelve months, a driver must qualify into the best 16 spots for an automatic renewal for the next year. Failing to do so, they must re-enter the series from square one.

Speed plays a huge part in determining a winner in this tandem competition; and Federal 595RS-R street legal sport tire has been pushing drifting to the next level. The tire with unique performance to maintain its consistency, excellence in traction and stability in extreme conditions fit best for drivers who participate in organized drifting racing style burnout events. Needless to say, our tie-up with the championship series in 2010 will be nothing less than an exciting season as the locals will undoubtedly bring their best game with Federal tires.