Federal Tire Sponsors the Hugely Successful Formula DRIFT in the United States

Drifting is a high-skill; high-powered motorsports that requires drivers to control a high horsepower car while it slides sideways at high speed through a marked course.

Established on the streets of Japan, the extreme sport has evolved into a worldwide competitive sport that challenges each driver's driving ability and vehicle control.

Sport History

First formally introduced and made its inaugural year a crowd pleaser in 2004, the popular racing sport has attracted a much younger and hipper audience of the States.

Today's U.S.-based Formula DRIFT takes the excitement one step further by being the premier drifting competition that features aggressive side-by-side actions as drifting pros burn up the circuit often only inches apart. They shift gears, feather the brake pedal, and finesse their cars into spectacular slides around a series of corners of a set course as powerful engines roar and the tires bellow smoke.

Entering its seventh season, Formula DRIFT is recognized as the North American professional drifting championship series which provides drift fans with an exciting show like no other. The 2010 season continues to move forward with 7 championship events scheduled nationwide. It has taken competitive motorsports to the extreme by attracting fans and car enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Formula D Racing involves two diverse races. These races are known as conventional qualifying runs and tandem battles. When qualifying, drivers will run over the courses alone. During the bracketed tandem battle, drivers are paired off in duel of skill and nerves. The scoring will be based on four criteria: Speed, Line, Angle, and Overall Impression under a close examination by professional judges. To successfully maneuver unique drifting techniques across tight, technical turns, the driver must be able to balance the car beyond the limits of the tires' traction while spinning the steering wheel in a precise fashion.

In November of 2008, Formula DRIFT and Red Bull had together held the first ever global drifting competition, where top drivers from around the world contested in a racing event to determine the best drifter. The bi-annual event at Long Beach Docks saw 17 past and present drifting champions of the top drifting organizations in the world gathered to compete for the coveted Drifting World Championship crown and the largest prize purse in drifting history.

Why Federal 595 RS-R?

Being as official tire supplier of the back-to-back series of events, Federal 595 RS-R is a street legal sport tire that is especially designed and developed to deliver superior grip and cornering stability on the track. The modern tread pattern incorporates stylish image and outstanding responsiveness to give the cars better performance. Don’t miss your chance to take the thrilling moments of non-stop competition in one of the most anticipated gatherings in U.S. with us.

2010 Formula DRIFT Pro Championship Calendar:

Round 2010 Dates Venue

Round 1 April 9-10 Long Beach GP Street Course – Long Beach, CA

Round 2 May 7-8 Road Atlanta – Braselton, GA

Round 3 June 4-5 Wall Speedway – Wall, NJ

Round 4 July 9-10 Evergreen Speedway – Monroe, WA

Round 5 August 20-21 Las Vegas Motor Speedway – Las Vegas, NV

Round 6 September 10-11 Infineon Raceway – Sonoma, CA

Round 7 October 8-9 Toyota Speedway at Irwindale – Irwindale, CA