Taking Taiwan and its Brand to the World Stage - Jamie Ma, the CEO of Federal Corp.

Takes on the Adventure of Round Island Expedition on His Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the Tire He Trusts His Life with, the Invincible Federal 595 RPM Asymmetric Tire!!

Jamie Ma, a long-term racing enthusiast, also a highly successful CEO of Federal Tires who craves excitement and danger has taken a step further to test his powerful Italian sports car in varied weather and geographic conditions of weekend excursion around Taiwan to discover the hidden secrets of this fabulous island, yet most importantly, to maximize the potential of Federal’s 595 RPM Asymmetric Sport Tire.

Formosa a.k.a. Taiwan, a name given by Portuguese explorers in the early 16th century, is one of the most breathtaking terrains on earth, and a home to an astonishing array of natural wonders. With its rivers and mountains, Taiwan’s landscapes are filled with an amazing varieties of the most beautiful and dramatic sceneries in Asia. From city lights to country sights, from torrential river valleys to expansive plains, the trip winding through the mountains has made an exhilarating Ferrari ride. In a very short period of time, you can go from tropical beaches and spectacular sea-skirting cliff roads to awe-inspiring and mist-shrouded peaks. Continuously, the tour took Jamie to a whole and diversified package of nature adventure.

The Beginning of a Long Distance Test Drive

During the trip, he has encountered severe weather variations, including scorching sun with sizzling heat for long hours and showered by heavy rainfall. However, the overall performance of our asymmetric tire remained smooth and stable throughout the expedition. Developed for the drivers of exotic super cars and coupes, the 595 RPM has fully demonstrated the maturity, durability and stability of Federal’s innovative technology. For every rural area that virtually offered a remarkably wide scope of rugged off-road terrain; the tire delivered impeccable road traction and precise handling through the nature’s untamed badlands. Whether driving over mountain paths, seaside boulevards or urban streets, it was easy to keep in its lane without constant adjustment, thereby ensuring the dynamic performance as it shows the flexibility to adapt to entire range of driving conditions.

Federal 595 RPM – the Tire of Intensive Sports Driving

Heading down to Kending at the very tip of the island in the south, where the Taiwan Strait meets the Pacific and Bashi Channel, Jamie rode his racing machine through the magnificent scenes of South-Loop Highway to enter Tai-Tung and Hua-Lien. Following a thrilling drive on the narrow road between steep cliffs and the Pacific Ocean on the Su-Hua Provincial Highway, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia race car with its 510 horsepower output has tirelessly hit on the strenuous “9 Twists and 18 Turns” of Provincial Highway 9, as it trailed along the curvy, serpentined, mountainous route. Still, the asymmetrical design of RPM responded capably at a top speed of 300 km/h in bends, while providing exceptional feedback and communicative road manners on roads.

Enhancing Driving Characteristics in Wet

Not just about driving pleasure, exiting the highway is a good opportunity to feel the brakes. By using technological advances to extend the vehicle’s capabilities for confident maneuvering, the 595 RPM responded intuitively in a panic stop, achieving maximum grip for fast, safe transmission of braking as well as steering commands even during fast cornering when driving up to the limit. Driving in heavy rainfall on the way back up to the heavy traffic of Taipei city center, he has arrived The East Coast National Scenic Area, also known as "Taiwan's last unspoiled land", where it stretches 170 kilometers down the east coast of the island. Weathering, erosion, and accumulation have all produced a wide range of landforms here. Again, the tire aligned with four drainage grooves maintained a consistent footprint in wet, making it consequently to resist hydroplaning and dissipate more water at a very quick rate.

A Strong Enthusiasm for Motorsports Racing

Like many young people, Jamie Ma has been a daredevil speed racer in the fast lane daring to be unconventional; unlike many young people, he has pushed the envelope on all fronts for taking both his products and his brand to go motorsports racing on the global stage. This innovative bonding represents true success and was what made Federal of what it is today.

“It was an epic journey and once-in-a-lifetime experience. To successfully finish the tour around the island really gave me a great sense of accomplishment.” Jamie added his credit to the new addition. He continued, “I am serious about performance. That is why I prefer the 595 RPM over the original factory tires. You will feel the difference.” After completing its run in Taiwan, and having the president’s own 430 Scuderia running on 595 RPM in size 225/35R19 front; 285/35R19 rear to face a series of obstacles and challenges, the result is a best asymmetric extreme performance tire that gives sporty characteristics with proven high speed, comfort and reliability.