Federal Expands Motorsports Involvement through the Introduction of its Motorsports Website

With many years of very successful global motorsports competition from every level around the world, Federal Tires is further expanding its motorsports campaign through the official launch of a motorsports website first time in its history to thrill fans who are especially demanding speed racers and driving professionals.

In the past several years, Federal Tire Motorsports’ business has evolved from an influential player into a market leader. It is clear that supporting auto racing and motorsports has played and it will continue to play a key part in the company’s future development. In order to keep pace with anticipated rising demand in different local markets, Henry Lin, Director of Global Sales, Federal Corporation has specifically explained the latest developments in the continuing process of growing specialist products, and to ensure that our organization is capable to fully extend its outreach of motorsports in the aftermarket industry. He noted, “I have seen in recent years that Federal has put down an increasing focus on diverse field of motorsports challenges in our industry – from both consumers’ and trading standards’ points of view, as we promise to provide our customers with the best innovative experience possible. In co-operation with Pro racing teams, Federal is ready to develop technical evolutions to the current tires for the future. In addition, the newly printed Federal motorsports catalogues have shown to racing enthusiasts to professionals that we are seriously committed and well-equipped for motorsports. ”

Motorsports activities have benefited for many years from the innovation which was introduced to high-performance tires by Federal’s Research and Development. Furthermore, the Team of Federal Motorsports Division which is entirely dedicated to competition tires has always accumulated experiences at the highest levels of motorsports to improve our tire offerings by developing winning products for rally, circuit racing, and various motorsports-bred series.

In 2010, Federal’s enhanced sponsorship of Matt Dennison from U.S. who has run a great race of Redline Time Attack (RTA) and emerged with the win. Another highlight for the Federal racing team is our U.K. veteran Phil Morrison of Team Federal Tyres Driftworks, who clinched the British Drift Championship (BDC) series event overall title. Not only the two racing pilots paid great dividends both on and off the track during every race week of the season, but we saw the potential brand awareness in regions such as China and Europe have already enjoyed high recognition of FMS presence. The accolades have further marked the commitment of Federal to play a key role in the tire industry especially in the high end segment.

Moreover, Federal has been named as approved tire supplier in some of the world's most prestigious racing events including Malaysian Super Series & Sepang S1K in Southeast Asia, Ma5da MX5 Cup and Nippon Challenge Racing Series in UK, the Japan D1 Street Legal Drifting Series, and U.S. Asphalt Legend Cars.

These partnerships had added an entirely new dimension to our marketing efforts in promoting Federal brand, while providing tremendously new opportunities to showcase the performance and durability of the tire within the extreme environments of motorsports.

For more information about Federal Motorsports website and its comprehensive range of applications, visit www.federalmotorsports.com