Team Kegani Racing in Malaysia Ready to Defend Championship Title towards the 2011 Sepang 1000km End

Federal Tyres has made its debut in Sepang1000km 2010 Endurance race and also actively participated in drift scene, including Formula D and also recent FX Open Drift competition. Team Ultra Racing Kegani, one of the strongest driver lineup in pit lane for Endurance event was crowning the Sepang 1000km 2010 Overall and Class title with Federal Tyres.

It was a long journey for the team; however, Team Ultra Racing Kegani #36 knew they had created a moment in history. Lap after lap, car #36 posted consistent lap times and made its way from the middle of the pack to leading the race by lap 60. The team owner Mr. Kenny Lee, who does a great job every year to build a car and team around himself, has transformed from professional tuning shop owner to competitive driver, and crossed the chequered flag to finish line at 8 hours 32 minutes 1.455 seconds for the top of the podium.

From a driver’s perspective, Kenny and his team had put a considerable amount of good faith and trust in Federal FZ-201 semi-slick after they completed running the 1st flying lap of Sepang. He shared what he felt about the tyre fitted on their Toyota Levin AE111 in a post race interview, “It was overall a marvelous tyre, and the 2010 Sepang 1000km event had been a truly pleasurable experience. Winning such a tremendous race means more than just a trophy and title to me. The result is very satisfactory and is the best way to demonstrate absolute dominance, too. Many months of hard work has finally paid off.”

“I really appreciated the opportunity to race with a Federal at the brilliant Sepang Circuit. Moreover, I’d like to give my special thanks to the Taiwan tyre manufacturer for being able to keep us driving forward at maximum speed throughout the entire race, which has made this mission possible and assisted me in ensuring my success today. Having the full backup from Federal Motorsports team on our side was a huge asset as these tyres were quick and flawless. They showed amazing levels of grip and durability on a circuit, which is renowned for being hard on tyres even under such a scorching environment of Malaysia.” He followed.

Starting from this year in 2011, Federal has worked brilliantly with Kenny as authorized dealer for Federal Motorsports Tyres around the testing and development to develop a tire that becomes even faster and stronger in a constant state of evolution.

Being officially appointed as a control tyre of the Sepang 1000km for 2010, Federal Motorsport Tyres’ flagship FZ-201 Semi Slick was a welcome addition dedicated for motorsport enthusiasts. To show our commitment in constantly supporting the team and sport, Jamie Ma, CEO of Federal Corporation went a trip to Sepang earlier to meet and cheer Kenny in person during his visit on the race weekend of 2011 Malaysia Grand Prix. We are extremely proud of Kenny’s achievements, and congratulate him on a job well done. Team Kegani Racing already have started preparations to defend another S1K championship in the 2011 season, we look forward to Kenny to once again defeat his rivals with a trophy by using Federal racing-bred FZ-201 semi slick.