Federal Tires Inaugurates 2011 Season on the Streets of Long Beach, USA

This past weekend Formula Drift kicked off the 2011 season on April 8th and 9th by turning downtown Long Beach into a plume of Federal rubber as the eighth professional championship featured world class drifting action, debut of new cars and drivers. Matt Waldin, in just his first year with the tire manufacturer, took his inaugural run sporting Federal 595 RS-R high performance racing tires behind the wheel at the opening round, was qualified 14th place along with the rest of the talented driver pool, while Dean Kearney, while other Federal-sponsored new and fresh independent competitor of Federal earned a current ranking of 28th among the top 32. Both drivers were looking promising ever to come out to Round 1 in hopes of a strong start to the season.

The level of driving skill continues to elevate. It is a sign that the 2011 season will be as competitive as ever. The grandstands were packed with fans eager to see their favorite drivers blasting through the Streets of Long Beach, Southern California at the sold-out show on Saturday’s main event day. The field of drivers had been whittled down to 32 spots for the battle as Matt was paired up with Charles Ng. Waldin pushed hard to stay aggressive on his competitor’s side door during the run, and blasting his way through the course. The guy remained consistent and blasting his way through the course in the Sweet Sixteen, and the judges awarded him the win with the overall advantage.

“I’m excited to test my new confidence and my car with Federal tires in Long Beach. My goal coming into this season was to establish myself as a top driver. The fact that we took out one of the fastest cars in top sixteen is a true testament to the racing-bred of the Federal 595RS-R, which showcased great and ton of potential in such tough and tight platform.” noted Matt. “I think choosing the right compound should give us an edge. What’s more, I also appreciate the tremendous support from Federal Tires for continuing to demonstrate the strength and capabilities in their technology and products. He further commented.

The Federal 595 RS-R sport tire has been a flagship addition to our motorsports lineups and has provided all of which a individual driver may need in the competition.

Federal Tires, the official tire sponsor in association with Formula Drift is going to slide into Atlanta May 6-7th for Round Two, where the racetrack boasts a 100+ MPH entry and separates the men from the boys. We look forward to seeing Matt Waldin and Dean Kearney giving it their all in their quest towards the 2011 Formula Drift Championship.