Federal’s FZ-201 Running Perfectly on Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit in German

Federal Tyres has carried out a testing of its new FZ-201 rubber in the world famous international circuit of Nurburgring Nordschleife in late May, which was evaluated by the professional driver Fredy Lienhard to try out the evolution of our medium compound semi-slick during the course of the two-day session in German. Lienhard’s knowledge and background in motorsports for many years has given us some valuable perspective about the characteristics of this racing product, as we completed our testing in Europe last month, and his response was generally more than favorable.

The Swiss veteran is the founder of “Rent 4 Ring” Team, which is one of the three authorized racecar rental companies that currently running business in Nürburgring. He has competed in renowned racing events, and has secured many accolades under his belt; all of which allowed him to give plenty of clear and precise feedback to Federal’s engineers.

Riding his Opel Corsa OPC equipped with Federal FZ-201 tyres for the first time over short and long runs of driving along the track, Fredy was impressed with the constant level of FZ-201’s peak performance when our FZ-201 in size 215/45R17 front and rear were working excellently throughout the weekend. He commented the performance of the new rubber and noted, “It's a real pleasure for me to have such an opportunity running Federal tyres from those two of the most productive days of testing. The FZ-201 generated quick heat temperature, plus a very consistent feeling contributed by the structure of strong sidewall to make comparison with Toyo R888 as a motorsports tyre, and I'm confident that they will form a very competitive package.”

Also, he considers seriously adopting FZ-201 semi-slick exclusively onto each rental car of “Rent 4 Ring” for thrill seekers in Opel Corsa OPC and Suzuki Swift Sport Stage 1 &2 to catch up the real excitement that only Federal delivers soon in the near future.

Taz Yeh, Manager of Motorsports Dept., Federal Corp. pointed out, “After finished the sessions of running, we’ve been hugely encouraged by what we’ve seen up to now, and that’s been under assistance of Lienhard’s useful insight into the performance of FZ-201 tyres under a wide range of conditions, corners and speeds. Its consistency and reliability, fully matched our expectations. The FZ-201 provided ultimate driving experience for the riders from the start to finish, and enabled the lap times to be fast. We look forward to continuing our work at what is a very exciting time for us during the next test sessions.”

The Nürburgring is a motorsport complex around the village of Nürburg, Germany. It features a modern Grand Prix race track which contains a wide variety of configurations that allowed us to test every aspect of a tyre’s overall performance. The result of test demonstrated that Federal’s FZ-201was “faultless” when verified the tyre’s reliability and stability in the long term.

Having made its debut racing as an appointed tyre on one of the most renowned Sepang F1 circuit in Malaysia, Federal will be able to make good use of the valuable experience gained in testing to help runners to improve their racing skills by shodding our FZ-201 tyres.