Federal's 595 Outperforms at D1 Super Challenge

Federal's 595 from the 595 Competition Series, having been re-positioned for drifting upon discovery that it is a favorite amongst professional Japanese drifters, shows that it is all that and much more.

According to Drift Tengoku, Japan's leading drifting magazine, 54 contestants participated in the D1 Super Challenge in Auto Police, Japan. Five contestants accounting for 9.3% of the total, via their own choice, used Federal's 595 on their vehicle.

Out of the 54 cars, 2 are especially worth mentioning. A Silvia S14, the only car/racer using Federal's 595 for both the front and the rear, using 215/40/17 for the front and 215/45/17 for the rear, came in 2nd place. Atsushi Goto, the driver of the car, officially earns a spot in the next D1.

According to Drift Tengoku, Goto and his car is an up-and-comer in D1 and worthy to pay attention to in future events. Atsushi Goto especially noted that the wear and tear on his 595's were minimal after the event. Another Silvia sporting the 595 225/45/17 in the rear also qualified. Others using Federal's 595 included a Nissan Gloria, a Nissan 180SX, and a Toyota Supra