Federal Celebrates Performance of its FZ-201 in the U.S. Race of Legend Pikes Peak International Hil

Federal Tires has put a stunning debut event ever in front of worldwide spectators with its newly introduced FZ-201 semi-slick at the 89th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC), the second oldest running race in the United States over the race weekend on Colorado Springs. As challenging as it is, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb attracted a select group of brave racers no fewer than 11 classes from both domestic and overseas. During the stint of the race, all three riders were supported by Federal’s latest FZ-201 professional racing tires when competing to be the King of the Mountain. The three-some drivers enjoyed their Pikes Peak adventures through consistently running fast laps and gaining on the field, and were thrilled with the dominating performance which FZ-201 has provided them in a tense final day battle compared with other competitor tire brands.

The Race to the Clouds consists of a single 12.4 mile stage where drivers must navigate 156 corners and drop-offs as they climb 4,700 feet on their way to the 14,110 foot summit; plus, with temperature changes between 35 and 5 Celsius, adding more luster to the impressive debut in a wild and treacherous race on a hot and windy weather. The 17-year-old female entry Savannah Rickli running on FZ-201 posted fast time on the Peak by setting a blistering pace over three days of testing on America’s Mountain. Rickli spoke how she felt about the tire concluded, “I have to say, the FZ-201 is a tire with extremely sensational performance as the speed has been keeping us stay perfectly on the track from the very beginning. We were competitive all weekend long as we were able to act, as well as react, to our competitors’ strategies. ” while Ken Stouffer together with his Fatman Racing Team, David Kern in Mitsubishi Evolution also honing their skills to make impressive drives and respectable finishes. Especially Dave settled for the fastest position in the very first significant stage of Halfway Picnic, and the runner-up spot of Glen Cove.

Taz Yeh, Director of Federal Motorsports (FMS) Dept., Federal Corp. pleased with the “positive feedback” they received from PPIHC riders in States following the use of its R compound FZ-201 tires commented, “The elevation changes at the race course exaggerate the transitions and balance of the tire, so it is huge challenge to find the right combination to maximize performance. Overcoming such an enormous disadvantage and poor condition reflect that Team of Federal Motorsports (FMS) has achieved the ultimate goal for offering a right and successful development in terms of in braking, cornering power, and acceleration.”

Check us out getting sideways through the Time Attack 2WD and 4WD section of the 2011 PPIHC. Several more Pikes Peak videos are available on our Media Galleries and more general information can be found on our official motorsports website at www.federalmotorsports.com