Federal, the New Control Tyre of Targa New Zealand, 'The Ultimate Road Race'

Federal's Motorsports Dept. is proud to announce the new appointment of Targa NZ as one of our official motorsports partners in New Zealand. Targa NZ consists of three ‘Ultimate Road Races’, Targa Bambina, Targa Rotorua and the main six-day event being held on Monday 24th October through to Sunday 30th October 2011.

The 2011 Targa New Zealand event will start in Auckland and then travel through the North Island totalling over 2250kms. Each competitor’s races against the clock in an exciting and competitive atmosphere, each day is made up of closed road special stages and touring over a variety of road conditions on the best public tarmac roads New Zealand has to offer.

New Zealand’s longest closed-road motorsport event is divided into two competitions - Classic and Modern. Each with five vehicle categories defined by means of age, giving the participants a chance to compete on a level footing with cars of similar performance and speed. The opportunity to have Federal’s costumed logo decals on every vehicle will provide awareness not only of the ultimate performance of its new FZ-201 semi-slick rubber, but we will also show our support by having technical staff on the event. This is the level of professionalism we wish to portray.

The move to a new Taiwan-based tyre manufacturer has been made for a number of reasons, says the event director behind Targa New Zealand, Peter Martin, “We are very pleased to develop our new relationship with Federal’s flagship motorsport tyres, which will deliver satisfaction and accomplishment to our drivers knowing they have the right tyre on their car at the right time.”

“The tyres had to undergo an extensive series of tests to determine their durability and performance before they were officially introduced to the competitors. We are happy to see that Federal motorsport tyres were chosen as the control tyre for such a worldwide sporting event like Targa NZ.” Taz Yeh, Project Manager of Federal Motorsports gives this comment with satisfaction.

Take a look at our events and see if they match your motorsport agenda! Federal Tyres invite you to come and join this unique and ultimate road race which travels over the most beautiful and picturesque roads in New Zealand.