Federal Couragia M/T Attested “Great Driving Stability with Exceptional Traction” in 2011 Castrol 4x

Marking the 17th annual running of the 2011 Castrol 4x4 Jamboree, and the 12th consecutive year it has been held at the 4x4 Club site at Donnybrook, trail junky Mr. Clarry Viljoen, Sales Manager from Taita Trading, the Federal-appointed sole distributor in Republic of Zimbabwe was on his way to this dizzying height, running a set of Couragia Mud Terrain tyres, and flying unique and outstanding Federal color under his special Jimmy Jeep, to cope with toughest possible conditions that varied between sand, dirt, hills and mud.

The jamboree has grown steadily over the years and is now Zimbabwe’s second biggest motorsport event, second only to the annual Zimbabwe Challenge Rally in terms of the scale. A Four –wheel drive trial is a timed event, and is a thrilling one for spectators. It is rather a test of the driver’s skill & experience to negotiate a marked out route, where all vehicles will be required to take four challenging sections, and each section of the race will be run by all competitors before they move onto the next stage.

“Such challenge is simply irresistible. Federal’s premium 4x4 segment of Couragia M/T as a whole assessed perfectly to traction and handling, while it also performed well in the braking and balancing, drove out of the sand ruts with ease.” He thought that it is a right tire designed specifically for the SUV crowd. Further, he praised the Taiwanese manufacturer at the end of the track day for supplying such off-road tyre which provides excellent steering and superior grip with aggressive lugs and blocks as he pushed the vehicle very hard through the twisty course.

The innovative rubber compound of Couragia pattern with staggered circumferential groove and strategic tread siping elements not only exhibit good road manners underfoot, but also fight their way to strength and stability that allow the tire to retain its shape at higher speeds without compromising off-road hazards. The ultimate Couragia Adventure sport performance tyre lineup comes in a wide range of sizes from 205/80R16 AT~265/70R16 in A/T, and 31*10.5R15 109R in M/T. Both of tyres are available across the country through distribution channels and independent dealers of Taita Trading.