Federal Tyre Enjoys “Successful” 2011 Targa New Zealand Rally Race!!

Having attended the popular and historical Targa Rally motoring event in 2011 season, Federal Tyre has reported a more than “resounding” year in New Zealand, for which its DOT-approved (road-legal) semi-slick the FZ201was proudly named the new official control tyre partner for the first time.

Targa New Zealand has become the nation’s largest competitive rally series and the longest closed-tarmac road match in Australasia, spanning vehicles from the 1950’s to today. By increasing the allocation from six to eight, the intense competition was held in October, starting in Auckland and travelling through the North Island. It attracted talented and passionate car enthusiasts from all walks of life, all of whom were driving fast and furious, with loads of fun and an element of danger!

Each endurance race consists of Targa special stages on closed sections of public tarmac road, where the competitors raced against the clock to experience the best closed road races on public tarmac roads in an exciting and thrilling atmosphere. There are over 1,200 tyres are consumed by the competing cars annually during the battle, and Federal Tyres are the supplier of the tyres for every 2011 Targa New Zealand event.

The Targa Rally gave Federal’s latest spec race tyre the opportunity to demonstrate its outstanding performance and durability, as all participators thoroughly enjoyed the game with the challenging motor racing by pushing Federal FZ-201 racing tyre to its limit during the whole race. According to the “seat-of-the-pants” feedback from FZ-201 tyre shodders, the Federal offering has hugely lived up to its reputation, adding a truly memorable enjoyment for a fabulous season. “Federal tyres behaved very even and predictable at every race and in any conditions. It is developed particularly to deliver phenomenal grip and consistency. Overall, it’s a perfect product from start to finish and didn’t miss a beat or caused a concern. This is exact what we are aiming for keeping the competitive pace needed for victory.” A professional veteran driver was pleased to give his comment.

Federal Tyre will be looking forward to continuing its deal with the sophomore season involvement in the up and coming year of 2012.