Federal Tyres and Warner Bros Movie World commence their adventure in Gold Coast, Australia

     Incorporating breathtaking stunts, precision driving, incredible scenes of exhilarating action and the performance of a cast and crew with immeasurable talent, Federal Tyres teamed up Warner Bros Movie World, the leader in premier theme park entertainment in Australia to present all-new multi-million dollar Hollywood Stunt Driver live entertainment show that features distinguishing stunt scenes including gun shots, explosions and car chases, all of which aims to take this ride to the next level.

     Audiences from local and international will be amazed to experience live action, speed and excitement with the world’s great stunt drivers in the best possible manners, performing stunning driving techniques that no one else would ever think of doing, such as a police car split in half and a race car airborne.

     On announcing the Gold Coast’s year-round popular key attraction, Deputy

Manager of Marketing Dept., Federal Corp., Mr. Taz Yeh said that this ride experience boasts the latest and most exciting ride technology in the world. “We are expanding our horizons considerably in an effort to provide the ultimate entertainment experiences for people of all ages and anything we introduce is unlike anything found anywhere else in the world," he continued. “Federal’s Tyre has been specifically chosen to broaden Warner Bros. Movie World's appeal to Aussie market as a complement to the existing thrill rides, and most importantly; the speed and smoothness of the tyre will be something that everyone will be talking about.”

     Check this amazing Hollywood Stunt Driver “Hell Driver”and experience the ultimate rush with Federal Tyres – now performing only at Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia.