Federal Motorsports Tyre Meets Accreditation of CAMS in Australia

   Federal's FZ-201 and FZ-202 semi slick R Spec Tyre has been approved for Production Car Racing in Australia by The Confederation Of Australian Motorsport [CAMS] under the auspices of the Federation International de I' Automobiles [FIA] whose objective is to promote safety in Motorsport in Australia.

  Federal Tires Motorsport Project Manager Taz Yeh said that to have the Federal Tire Brand approved for fitment to Production Car Racing at National Level is an honour for a company that has only been involved Motortsport in recent times.

  Production Car Racing has been the cornerstone of Motorsport World Wide and with the Federal Brand expanding internationally, the FZ-201 and FZ-202's CAMS approval indicates that the tyre can compete with the opposition at any level. 

  A Marketing campaign is planned to promote--compliment and support Federal Tires and its products, and to nurture potential young drivers to eventually show their skills on the world stage.

  They are current negotiations been held to increase the profile of the AMC, and with Federal Tires success as Class D Champions with Conroy Motorsports FZ201 Honda in the 2011 Endurance National Series, Federal Tires have committed to again supporting Conroy Motorsports Honda for 2012, which shows that they are in Motorsport in Australia for the long haul and have already proved that they are winners.