Federal kicks-offs 2012 Asia Cross Country Rally with professional management team of R1 Asia from J

    Earlier in August, Federal has pledged its inaugural support for the FIA-certified cross country rally "Asia Cross Country Rally 2012" held in Bangkok, Thailand to the final destination of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Designed as a test of driving and navigation technique, endurance and teamwork, as well as the preparation, durability and toughness of the 4 wheel drive vehicles, the Taiwan manufacturer has supported veteran racers to represent Federal Racing Team in championship for the first time.

    Nature is brilliant beyond measure. The competition, which stretches over a very severe1,600 kilometer course encompassing many different kinds of terrain, including dirt, swamps, deserts, jungles, mountain roads and river-crossings, has attracted veteran racers from various local and international rallies. Such an international racing offers Federal’s team the opportunity by running fully equipped Couragia M/T ultimate off-road tires to validate their technological innovations in the most extreme conditions of use.

    Founded by Tadayuki Sasa, the championship organizer, also managing director of R1 Asia Inc., has much accumulated experience in the field of adventure and sporting events in South East Asia encompasses Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. He led his crew to pay a visit to Federal’s headquarter in Chungli, Taiwan. They are proud to be associated with Federal, and applauded exceptional capability and toughness of the tire.

    Roslyn Shen, a female rally enthusiast who took part of the event, was very pleased with the debut of our Couragia M/T tire for providing the best support ever in racing challenges. She teamed-up with long time participant Takatsugu AOKI from Japan as navigator in fine-tuned Mitsubishi Trition; underlining the reliability as well as the excellence performance of our M/T rubber, which gave drivers both power and control with proven adaptability in T1 Diesel category.

    As the first Taiwan tire supplier to enter the Asia Cross Country Rally, Federal sees the opportunity to take the brand and tire to a whole new level. We’re looking forward to continuing our participation in off-road competition activities, while taking potential talents all the way to the very top of the sport for the coming season of 2013.