Federal Tyres Laurelled in Southern Taiwan

Federal Tyres was laurelled, once again, in Southern Taiwan. The eye-catching competition O.T. G. P., held on 22nd and 23th in PIC (Penbay International Circuit), rounded off. In the competition, Federal Tyres happily sponsored our prestigious tyres - FZ-201 and FZ-101 W - to the most famous actor, Yuan-Hao Yao, in this competition. Despite uncertain weather, Mr. Yao performed an excellent debut in “Option Cup GT-86 Time-Attack Auto Group” and took the second place by setting the best personal record of 2:09. Other than sponsoring the tires, Federal also had a face-to-face contact with end-users by displaying a booth in the activity. The climax of the booth came at the moment when the C.E.O. of Federal, Mr. Jamie Ma, presented at the booth and encouraged Mr. Yao.

Geoffrey Chang, the manager of Marketing department, said, “The performance of Federal UHP tyres, once more, verified the quality of Federal’s products and stood out through changeable weather and unpredictable roads in the game.”