KOE PRO Round 1- Adam Kerenyi seized the Crown on Federal 595 RS-R

Federal Tyres is proud to announce that the Round 1 of the 2014 Monster Energy King of Europe Drift ProSeries at the Greinbach PS Racing Center has ended up with Adam Kerenyi, the sponsee of Federal Tyres, performing breath-taking skills in an all-out battle when hitting the track on the Federal 595 RS-R, conquering all the rivals and finally being crowned champion.

595 RS-R is the UHP tyre designed for serious enthusiast, featuring unique compounds that incredibly deliver the ultimate performance on strict road conditions in various competitions. Running Federal 595 RS-R, Adam Kerenyi has won fruitful results in many grant events such as Hungarian National Drift Championship and previous seasons of King of Europe Championship with his excellent talents.

“Federal Tyres is excited to have partnership with Adam Kerenyi and share with him the glory of winning the championship in KOE,” says Da-Wu Chen, the Global Sales and Marketing Director of Federal Corporation, “We sincerely believe that Kerenyi will display the best professionalism in the coming races as he always does, and we also believe that his glorious results forecast the success of 595 RS-R’s next generation.”