Federal-sponsored Adam Kerenyi clinches 2014 King of Europe Drift ProSeries Title on iconic 595 RS-R

Federal Tyres has once again proved itself the drifting champion’s tyre of choice, as Adam Kerenyi topped the podium in the 2014 King of Europe Drift ProSeries championship driving on the legendary Federal 595 RS-R tyre.

Federal sponsored Adam Kerenyi secured his third King of Europe crown at the 2014 Grand Finale in Valencia, Spain, to go along with his 2009 and 2012 titles. All three titles have been won on the acclaimed 595 RS-R, selected by Kerenyi for its exceptional traction and grip. Boasting cutting-edge technological advances in design, construction, pattern and compounds, Federal’s flagship UHP product offers best-in-class performance for high-speed driving.

Speaking after his win this week, Adam Kerenyi said:

“We are very happy with the result, especially because we had some big technical issues and my car had to be rebuilt before the last two rounds. My team did an incredible job and we managed to get some very important points in France and in Spain.

“Each season has its own rhythm and each season is different – but as this is our third title it seems we are doing a great job!

“I would like to thank Federal for their support. I couldn’t have achieved this without their continuous support. I have been using the 595 RS-R for years and I wouldn’t use any other tyre. The grip and control at high-speeds are just unbeatable. I can’t wait for the future for even more cooperation, and even better tyres! I have very high hopes for the new generation of 595 RS-R next year.”

Federal Marketing Manager Geoffrey Chang congratulated Adam Kerenyi on his outstanding performances this year:

“Everyone at Federal tyres would like to offer Adam Kerenyi our huge congratulations for his King of Europe win this year. Adam knows as well as anyone how to get the most out of the 595 RS-R, and it has been a pleasure watching him push it to the limit all season.”

“Federal selects its brand partners very carefully. They have to share our values, they have to share our commitment to high-performance, and they have to be winners. So whether it’s a champion driver like Adam Kerenyi, or a champion football club like Manchester United, our partners can help us give a clear message about our products: Federal tyres can help drivers wake up the champion inside.”


Evenly dispersed block stiffness across the centre and the shoulder for stronger grip and traction, preventing irregular wear.

Uni-Directional V-shaped main groove enhances streamline form and improves aquaplaning ability at high speeds.

Wide-angle grooves increase block stiffness, further enhancing grip and traction.

Engraved pattern name along the groove creates an iconic product image.

Sub-grooves on the shoulder disperse block stiffness, improving ride comfort, grip and traction.

Complete block stiffness provides excellent lateral stability in cornering.

Reinforced steel on the sidewall promotes the sharpest high-speed cornering and fastest lap improvement.